I provide accountant services to unenrolled tax preparers, bookkeepers & accountants whether one is a seasoned tax representative or new to a tax resolution.

According to industry trade groups such as AICPA and NAEA, very few tax professionals offer IRS representation services to their clients. Perhaps they just don’t want to deal with the Collections arm of the IRS, or maybe it just doesn’t fit in with the other specializations within their practice.

I, on the other hand, really enjoy handling these kinds of difficult cases, and I have built my practice around this specialization. Therefore, I’m looking to network with colleagues to see if we can trade referrals.

I’m not interested in “poaching” your tax prep, accounting, or bookkeeping clients, and would actually refer this work back to you since I don’t offer those services.

TheCPATaxProblemSolver provides a wide range of accountant services to assist accountants and bookkeepers who may be wanting to add resolution services to help their clients, but unsure how to properly represent them or lack the experience.

We are most successful when we help our accountant bookkeeping and tax preparation partners achieve their own success and we take great pride in helping other professionals achieve their business and personal financial goals in this lucrative industry with our help.

Most importantly, we understand that your client comes first, and you want to know they are taken care of. We help provide accountants and their clients with two precious things - peace of mind, and more time!

Consulting Services


For the professional that just needs assistance filing an offer in compromise, we will be available to answer one-on-one questions.

If they have questions regarding a client who has run afoul of the IRS and needs tax relief or has a particularly difficult or troublesome case we stand ready to lend a helpful hand.

Many need assistance with other technical questions that relate to the newly emerging industry niche of Tax Resolution or even assistance and consulting with Tax Return Preparation if desired.

Smart Accountant


For the busy tax professional that wants to get started in the lucrative industry of Tax Resolution, but does not have the experience to do all of the work.

We can help to do some of the services such as form preparation and send it back to you ready to be signed by the client and sent to the IRS.

This will free up your time and resources and allow you to still make a profit while representing your clients.

Our services help many of our community’s professionals save valuable time and headaches on IRS issues that seem complex or foreign to them while the problem is a routine function for us because we specialize in this niche.

While we provide an ever-increasing body of knowledge and specialization in IRS tax collection and enforcement issues, we value our community’s other professionals and provide extraordinary value for those that choose to partner with us.

Full Services


If you are a busy tax professional wanting to take full advantage of the upcoming boom in IRS cases and grow your revenue by representing clients without devoting resources to work the case, we can assist you by fully handling the case and allow you to free up your time.

You can then earn profit and grow your practice by allowing you to represent clients in the growing industry of Tax Resolution.

You simply meet with them and allow us to handle the legwork of working the case for you. We have been fortunate to work with professionals who handle and work with the client while we are the best ones to work with and handle the IRS.

Case Outsourcing 

Keith L. Jones, CPA is a support system for professionals providing Tax Problem Resolution services to troubled taxpayers.

Keith provides an outsourcing option for practitioners who want to take on more clients but do not have the time to spend on them.

A small company may decide to outsource Tax Problem Resolution cases to a more experienced firm, as doing so may be cheaper than retaining in-house expertise.

It is also great for practitioners who are just starting out in the area of tax problem resolution and may not be familiar with all the processes yet.

When using this service your job is to find the clients then determine how much of the casework you would like to do.

Keith provides a fixed pricing schedule for services they provide allowing you to calculate just how much to charge your clients.

2 Types of Support

Full Service

  • Subscriber conducts the initial interview and handles quoting the client.
  • Keith will have direct contact with the client and the IRS.
  • Keith contacts IRS to negotiate the best result for the client.
  • Keith will keep the subscriber up to date through Keith's exclusive subscriber’s website and email updates.

Back Room

  • Subscriber conducts the initial interview and handles quoting the client.
  • Subscriber will have all client and IRS contact.
  • Subscriber decides which parts of the case to assign to Keith.

There is a one-time setup fee of $250,.but the subscriber will receive a $250 credit against the first case they submit using the Keith service. See Work Order Form for fee schedule.

Click Here to Download Fee Schedule

If you would like more information please call 844-888-1040

Ready to find out more?

If you happen to have any clients now, or in the future, that owe back taxes to the state or IRS and they need representation, I’d be happy to pay you a referral fee and would provide the highest level of service to your clients to resolve these issues.


Offer in Compromise
Payroll Tax Debt
Wage Garnishment
Tax Lien Removal
Delinquent Taxes
IRS Transcript Analysis
Currently Not Collectible
IRS Audit Representation
Tax Debt Relief
Back Taxes Help
Unfilled Tax Returns
IRS Tax Levy
Penalty Abatement
IRS Instalment Agreement
Innocent Spouse Relief
Collection Statute Expiration