Accountant Services To Help Tax Preparer Fix IRS Problems


I offer accountant services to unenrolled tax preparers, bookkeepers, and accountants who need help with tax resolution.

I am here to assist you, no matter if you are a seasoned tax pro with years of know-how, or a newbie just stepping into the world of tax resolution, dealing with the intricacies of tax problems and disputes.

According to industry associations like the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants and the National Association of Enrolled Agents, few small business CPA or tax professionals provide IRS tax relief services.

Perhaps they simply avoid the Collections division of the Internal Revenue Service, or it does not fit with other specializations within their practice.

On the contrary, I truly enjoy managing these challenging cases, and have shaped my practice around this expertise to help small business owners and individuals.

Therefore, I am eager to connect with colleagues to determine if we exchange referrals.

I have no intention of "stealing" your tax preparation, accounting, or bookkeeping clients, and would actually refer this work back to you since I do not provide those services.

I offer a wide range of accounting services to help you add tax resolution services to assist your clients, but are unsure how to properly represent them or lack the experience.

I am most successful when I help my accountant, bookkeeper, and tax preparation partners achieve their own success.

I take great pride in helping other professionals achieve their business and personal financial goals in this lucrative industry of tax relief.

Most importantly, I understand that your client is the priority, and you want to know they are well taken care of.

I help provide you and your clients with two precious things - peace of mind, and more time!

Consulting Services


If you have questions about a client who is in trouble with the IRS and needs tax relief or has a really tough case, I am ready to help.

For an offer in compromise, we're on hand to address your questions individually.

I am dedicated to educating other tax professionals on how to effectively collaborate with the Taxpayer Advocate.

This involves understanding the Advocate's role, knowing when and how to engage their services, and learning how to communicate effectively to ensure the best outcomes for clients.

This knowledge can be a valuable tool for tax professionals seeking to provide support to their clients dealing with IRS issues.

Smart Accountant


For the tax professional who wants to get started in the lucrative field of tax resolution but may not have enough experience to do all the work.

I can help with many of the services, like filling out the forms, but instead send them all back to you such that the client can sign them and send them to the IRS.

This will give you more time and money and still let you make money while you represent your clients.

Many professionals in our community use our services to save time and avoid headaches when they have problems with the IRS that seem complicated or foreign to them.

However, because I specialize in this niche, I can handle these problems quickly and easily.

I possess extensive knowledge and expertise in IRS tax collection and enforcement issues.

Full Services


If you are aiming to capitalize on the upcoming surge in IRS cases and boost your revenue, I am here to help.

I can take on the full responsibility of managing the case, freeing up your valuable time.

This opportunity allows you to earn profits and expand your practice in the rapidly growing field of tax resolution.

You simply meet with the clients, understand their needs, and leave the rest to me.

I have had the privilege of working with professionals, managing client relationships while handling IRS communications effectively.

This streamlined process allows you to focus on providing excellent tax services to your clients, while I handle the complexities of IRS cases.


I provide a fixed pricing schedule for services, allowing you to calculate just how much to charge your clients.

For more information, please call 844-888-1040

Ready to find out more?

If you have got clients now, or later, who owe back taxes to the state or IRS and need help, I would gladly pay you a referral fee.

I will give your clients top-notch service to sort out their IRS tax problems.

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